Introducing POPKORN! The Podcast, The Life of Modenine

Introducing POPKORN! The Podcast, The Life of Modenine by Modenine

By Ehinosen for REPLAY NGA

Mode 9

Jazzy ambience. Modenine kicks off the podcast with a little introduction -rapper, lyricist, emcee, poet from Nigeria- and promises to share bits about himself and his experiences as Modenine. He also ignores our demand for a book.

He touches on how he met Ayo Animashaun (founder of HIPTV) in the 90s and takes us with him on a flashback.

In this flashback I’m not surprised by Modenine’s revelation that he had been the go-to art nerd for posters in school- Mode 9 productions but I’m impressed by yet another show of skill with the pen.

It’s no secret Modo is a smart guy but i think along this podcast we’ll see he is THE smart guy. He tells of how he got the name Modenine. Modo used to be the guy with the scientific calculator hacks and he helps a girl in his class having trouble punching in numbers in standard form on her Casio. To do this, he changed the calculator setting by pushing mode 8. When the girl can’t return it to it’s default mode, he tells her to push mode 9. Fastward. Later on she tries to call out for him but doesn’t know his name so instead calls him Mode 9 and the name sticks. Its the most adorable story involving a GOAT, a girl and a calculator I ever heard.

Ayo Animashaun returns to the centre of the monologue and Modo recounts how Ayo introduced him to rapper, Solo Dee. Solo Dee who then asked Modenine to “spit a rhyme” ends up being the first person to advice him to write more. As Modenine says, this was the beginning of him improving as a dope Emcee, the lyrical genius we grew to know him as.

Listen to POPKORN! The Podcast for the best bits on the Life of Nigeria’s most rated lyricist, Modenine.